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Solar Design and Engineering has an expensive problem.

Time Consuming

Engineers report that almost half of their total design time is spent creating the stringing design.

Expensive Rework

Solar project parameters often change in the duration of a design which can require extensive stringing redesign, costing companies time and money.

Job Burnout

Engineers are burning out & feeling demeaned by stringing design, forced to use their hard-earned electrical engineering degrees to tediously connect each and every solar panel together in AutoCAD.

The International Renewable Energy Association


Reported in 2018 that US solar installers and developers paid over $400M to engineers to design solar arrays, $160M of which was for stringing design specifically based on interviews we’ve conducted with engineers who stated that ~40% of their design time is spent stringing.

The Problem
Solar panel and person.jpg

Introducing Leaf Engineering Software

(Logically Engineered Automation Features Ltd)

Our mission is to bring a new birth of automation to the electrical engineering process of solar arrays.

Our solar stringing automation technology simplifies the tedious and time consuming complexities for engineers.

Leaf Software Advantages:

Speed: We’ve determined through direct competitor comparison that LEAF strings 10,000x faster than the manual alternative.


Simplicity: We’ve simplified our LEAF application to require just three simple commands that define everything our program needs to know to generate a design.

Scalable: Although LEAF is a software, we believe we will be able to patent the automated stringing process we’ve developed as indicated by our partners at the Case Western IP Venture Clinic.

Leaf Software Differentiators:

Universally compatible file type that is not specific to AutoCAD so it doesn’t matter who or what made or generated the solar panel layout, LEAF can read it with no questions asked.

AutoCAD application integrates seamlessly with existing workflows. 

Available via the AutoDesk app store which will allow users to easily pay for and download our app without leaving AutoCAD.

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